E-Mail Business Policies

Here is the complete agreement among the areas of our organization that will use the new e-newsletter template.

We recognize that following best practices in e-mail marketing, along with scrupulous compliance with laws governing e-mail marketing, will yield the best business results. Therefore:

  • We recognize that our individual actions have an impact on the viability of the
    e-mail channel for others in the organization. Therefore we promise not to take actions that compromise the viability of this channel for our colleagues throughout the organization.
  • Every e-mail newsletter and marketing piece will allow the recipient to unsubscribe from any single newsletter, other MMS newsletters, or future marketing pieces, using an accessible, user-friendly subscription management tool. This option will be presented according to current law and best business practices.
  • To accommodate e-mail applications that block graphics, all messages will be self-explanatory and understandable without rendering graphics visible.
  • We will start the Magnet Mail program with our current e-mail marketing, newsletter and survey programs. After no less than three months, the team will evaluate these efforts before deciding whether to add other newsletters or marketing programs.
  • We recognize that optimal frequency of e-mail messages is closely related to effectiveness. We will determine the optimal frequency of messages by continuously monitoring user preferences, user behavior (such as open rates, click rates, and unsubscription rates) and trends in user financial transactions, such as registrations and purchases. If in doubt, user preferences must prevail.
  • To manage the frequency of e-mails, we promise to deliver our marketing, newsletter and survey e-mails on a detailed schedule developed and managed by the e-mail team.
    • E-newsletters, e-mail marketing and e-mail surveys not appearing on this schedule may not be sent without the prior approval of the e-mail team. Other e-mail communications channels, such as Outlook, Listserv or Group Hub, shall conform to the same scheduling rules as Magnet Mail, when used for e-newsletters, e-mail marketing or e-mail surveys.
    • Emergency and administrative messages, or messages that used to conduct normal committee business, are exempt from these guidelines.
  • The Communications Department will pay for the setup costs of this program, as well as the costs in the future of updating the platform. Individual departments agree to pay for the cost of individual marketing e-mails and e-mail surveys sent on behalf of their programs and projects. This will be coordinated by the Communications Department via the standard MMS payment request system.
  • To conform with federal and state laws, external e-mail addresses may be used in marketing, newsletter and survey campaigns only if the source of these e-mails authoritatively certifies that the recipients of these addresses have agreed to receive third-party e-mails (e.g., when non-members are sent marketing e-mails from MMS). If in doubt, consult the e-mail team.
  • In accordance with current policy, we do not rent, sell or give our members’ e-mail addresses to external organizations or vendors for any purpose.
  • MMS newsletters will follow the same basic template, and follow MMS brand identity guidelines. Individual newsletter titles may feature different banner and color palette treatments, if desired.
  • Every producer of an e-mail newsletter, marketing or survey program must participate in training sessions.
  • Metrics are the best tool to monitor our success and improve our business results. The Communications Department will track and share the following metrics:
    • open rates
    • click through rates (to web site)
    • blocked addresses
    • unsubscribe addresses
    • newly subscribed addresses
    • spam reports
    • Visitor to registration/renewal/purchase ratios
    • Subscribe form abandon rates
    • Full view of each subscriber’s history – including opens, click-thrus, unsubscribes, subscriptions – trended through time
  • The e-mail team reserves the right to restrict access to the e-mail newsletter, marketing and survey applications from those who violate these principles. Those who are so restricted have the right of appeal to the executive vice president.

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